Government announce start of a 'demonstrator project' at Rackheath next month

Broadland is taking forward proposals for 200 eco homes on the eco town site, demonstrating a range of house types and technologies. Starting in March 2010 a demonstrator project of 12 more homes will be built in Rackheath, built to high standards of energy efficiency including a biomass fuelled combined heat and power plant with the potential to sell electricity back to the grid.

See full text of the press release here

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  1. Did that Councillor really say that there would be no cars on Salhouse Road in the future. What planet does he live on. Either we have the most oppressive Big Brother scheme in England or he has no idea what he is talking about. Road Traffic figures for Salhouse Road show it to be at110% capacity once the NDR is built.
    There are only two access roads into the eco site and a population of something upward of 10,000 people. No cars! Perhaps it is going to be another prison.