Drop in and tell them....

If you have the time it is worthwhile taking the opportunity to 'drop in' to one of the 'informal' sessions at the Holy Trinity Church, Salhouse Road, Rackheath arranged by Broadland District Council who are keen  to 'keep residents fully informed every step of the way' about the (proposed) Rackheath Eco-community.

Today saw the first of these sessions and it seemed that BDC had not managed to attract many visitors but of those who did attend there didn't seem to be many supporters of the scheme.

Other dates are as follows:
Thursday 11th March
Thursday 8 April
Thursday 13 May
Thursday 10 June
Thursday 8 July
Thursday 12 August
Thursday 9 September
Thursday 14 October
Thursday 11 November
Thursday 9 December

Anytime between 3pm and 8pm

Do try to attend one or more of these sessions - look at the plans ... gasp! and then ask questions!


  1. Building the Eco town starts in 2010 does it. Well,the NDR meanwhile will start in2012 and not be opened until 2015.
    So the promise of no development without infrastructure is just another lie.

  2. I am disgusted to learn that the show homes planning application was submitted almost 12 months ago under the guise of a seemingly positive development of 12 affordable homes for local residents. see planning application 20090444 which makes no reference to the eco town development and as a consequence was not opposed by local residents. This is NOT "keeping residents informed every step of the way" More like "keeping residents in the dark every step of the way". Scandalous.......

  3. Who is paying for all these propaganda meetings ? I bet it is us the taxpayers. All to promote a development which is not wanted by the Village but to make profit for the developer

  4. What is the poimt of going. We went this week but they are NOT listening only TELLING you....
    Is this what modern LOCAL government is all about?