Businesses threaten to leave the Rackheath Industrial Estate

As Broadland trumpet that the proposed eco-community is attracting business investment to Norfolk at least four local businesses are contemplating leaving their existing buildings on the Rackheath Industrial Estate if the proposed Rackheath eco-town goes ahead. These businesses, like many local residents, moved to the location specifically to be in the countryside away from Norwich.

One business owner said "we enjoy the pace of life here and the peace and quiet. If the eco-town comes there will inevitably be an increase in the crime rate and we'd rather move than put up with that."

Others have commented on the fact that employees can currently walk to work over fields.  "Walking through a housing estate won't be the same at all - half the pleasure is seeing the countryside change over the seasons. Other people have said how jealous they are that we have this on our doorstep but Broadland District Council seem intent on taking all that farmland away. I'd rather move my business elsewhere - work /life balance is important and we thought we had it here."

For those who attended the recent event at Sprowston Manor, the Council's spin on what actually came out of the round table discussions was somewhat surprising - did we all attend the same event? They say that the discussion facilitators were from Broadland District Council and yet Table 18 had no other than the developer of the proposed eco-town himself as their facilitator! Has he now taken a job with the council?


  1. Thanks for the comments on the Sprowston Manor meeting. The Broadland.D.C. Report on that meeting does not seem like the one we attended - What a load of Spin. Still no answer from them on the flawed Thermal Imaging Project when they highlighted the biggest Heat loss on Rackheath Estate but that building is NOT heated. What a waste of money.

  2. Just had the letter from Keith Simpson MP confirming his opposition to the Rackheath Ecotown and that this project will not go ahead due to the lack of local support if there is a change of Government. At last someone is listening.